SPRING SUMMER 2024: quiet luxury

The new spring-summer collection from the men's line embraces the concept of Quiet Luxury, offering garments in pure linen that embody timeless elegance. This exclusive selection blends simplicity, refinement, and luxury into a singular proposition.

With a focus on clean and essential lines, each garment has been carefully designed to create a refined and sophisticated look. Every outfit is versatile, adaptable to a variety of occasions without losing its distinctive character.

A fundamental element of this collection is the use of 100% natural fibers, with particular attention to pure linen. This sustainable and breathable fiber gives the garments a light and fresh feel, ensuring comfort and style. The natural texture of linen blends perfectly with the simple and linear design of the garments, creating an experience of wearing a unique and exclusive piece.

The color palette offers neutral tones for elegant and monochromatic looks while welcoming a splendid range of vibrant colors for a sophisticated play of contrasts. This variety offers endless possibilities for customization, allowing every man to express their style uniquely.

The men's line includes a wide selection of garments, including classic and slim-fit shirts, minimalistic polo shirts and t-shirts, classic-cut trousers, and clean-styled jackets. Each piece has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail to ensure quality excellence and timeless elegance.

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